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Clean your touch screen smartphone quickly

Clean your touch screen smartphone quickly

Clean your touch screen smartphone quickly

Nowadays most people use touchscreen phones. We often touch the phone with dirty hands. Due to which the screen of our phone gets dirty and we clean it with any fabric or hand to clean it. But do you know that doing so damages the screen of our phones, so today I'm going to tell you a way to clear touchscreen phones or laptops in this post, so that your old mobile phone will be new, then let's go. Know about that method.

If you are cleaning the filthy screen of your phone, do not put too much pressure on your screen while cleaning it, it keeps scaring the screen bad. To clean the screen, there are many types of liquids in the market, it will be better if you clean them. You can easily clean the screen by putting light water on the fabric.

When you are cleaning the screen, remember that do not clean the fabric above or below the top of the screen. Doing so keeps the skin moisturized. It would be nice to turn the cloth around the screen by rounding it round.

Whenever you are cleaning the screen of your mobile, then first see the screen that it does not have any dust particle because we often make such a mistake that it starts cleansing from the top of the dust and It gets more marks on our screen, so I told you some way how you should clean your screen and what things should be worn.

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