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Hair Fall Control Oil

Hair Fall Control Oil (बाल झड़ने का नियंत्रण तेल)

Hair Fall Control Oil 

The idea of ​​putting oil on your hair twice a week seems old school, is not it? wrong! It is known that your mother was right to reduce oil on her hair regularly. Oiling is the best method to pamper your hair. It gives essential nutrients and proteins to your hair that needs to be strong and shiny. One of the best ways to get healthy, long, and thick hair is to sit back and enjoy a good hot oil massage. A good hair oil with high quality ingredients promotes the development of healthy hair, relieves your bacterial infection, and protects hair from premature hair loss. In this article, I have prepared a list of the 15 best hair growth oils available in India. But first, talk about what you should look for in hair growth oil.

Qualities of A Good Hair Growth Oil.

1. Promotes fast development - This one is obvious. Any good hair growth oil will nourish your hair and create the right scalp environment for maximum hair growth.

2. Promotes Child Regrowth - A good hair oil will not only promote hair growth, but also to develop latent romles on your scalp to produce strands of new hair. This property helps improve the amount and thickness of the hair.

3. Curl Hair Fall - A lot of factors can cause hair loss. A good hair growth oil will be able to stop its root (the purpose of the sentence!) On this issue, ensuring that your skull and the follicles are in the top shape.

4. Nourishes the hair and hair - Only a nutritious follicle can produce healthy hair, and your hair needs constant nutrition to stay healthy.

5. Terms Hair - Optimal hydration is required for your hair to maintain damage in the bay. This is because dry hair is more likely to suffer than the conditioned hair. Dryness ends with division, breakage, frizzy and horrible hair can have issues such as.

Now that you know how to make a good hair growth oil, check out the best people available on the market.

1. Biotech Bio-Bhrigraj Medical Oil

What is better than a brand connecting with modern science from Ayurveda? This combination can give you hair of which you always dream! Biotic Bio Bhrengaraj Therapeutic oil is prepared with a mixture of powerful herbs like pure Bhringraj, Tesu, Amla, Muthri, coconut oil, and goat milk. These elements help to cure alopecia and other scalp and hair concerns to give you clean, fresh, healthy and elegant hair. It improves the appearance of your hair, nourishes your scalp, strengthens each hair, promotes new hair growth, and prevents it from becoming gray. The best thing about this oil is that it only shows your hair in one use.

2. Khadi natural henna and rosemary herbal hair oil.

An array of unique ingredients khadi makes a great formula of natural henna and henna herbal hair oil, which promises to give you long, dense and healthy hair. This superb hair growth oil contains henna and henna that treat inflammation and calm your scalp. It enhances the development of new hair, restores the color of your natural hair, and gives dull hair a splendid glow. This oil prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth on hair growth scales. It makes your hair soft, silky, shiny and more manageable. It acts as an antioxidant and kills the bacteria to give you healthy and clean scalp. It adds nutritious oil volume and improves the texture of hair dilution.

3. Kesh King Scalp and Hair Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil.

Kesh Raja Ayurvedic medicinal oil has been prepared in accordance with the principles given in Ayurvedic texts such as Charak Samhita, Panchkarma and Siddha Medicine. It is related to myriad of hair loss, such as hair loss, dandruff and dryness. This oil is prepared using the method of cooking oil, a process in which many herbs are cooked in the mixture of hair growth carriers oil like castor, coconut, and sesame oil. This oil, in particular, is prepared from 21 valuable herbs cooked in sesame oil. This 100% Ayurvedic formula helps in the resuscitation of hair and gives your roots deep, strong and healthy hair. Elements such as Brahmi and Bhrigraj also help in the treatment of headache and sleep.

4. Soulflower Coldpressed Olive Carrier Oil

This soothing yet powerful hair oil is a sacred tomb for people suffering from drought and lame hair. It moisturizes your scalp to promote healthy and strong hair growth. Its light and non-sticky formula does not reduce your hair. This 100% virgin olive oil can be used to treat your therapeutic and healing properties without any side effects.

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Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips For Neck

Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips For Neck:
The long, cavernous neck is considered to be a symbol of beauty, but the streaks of age are first reflected on the neck. Do not remove these ridges from the beauty of the neck, it is important that we adopt useful tips for maintaining the beauty of the neck. Here in this article we will tell you some similar tips.

The metabolic process of the neck skin and the blood-operation are slow, so the skin becomes rudeness, rubbish and clumsy. The neck like face also comes in contact with the ultraviolet rays of dust and sun. If you do not take care of the neck, then there is a difference in the color of the face and neck, which looks very crappy. But by taking some regular care, you can become a master of curly neck.

How to Avoid Neck Wrinkles:

To avoid wrinkles, regularly massage the neck with a little rose water in the cold cream or with olive oil. Always massage the massage from the bottom and from the inside and keep in mind that the skin does not wear.

The age of the neck is revealed by the neckline. There is no pressure on the spinal cord due to non-straight neck and wrinkles and streaks begin to come in the neck. Therefore, Straight is always in the position while walking and standing.

Remedial measures:

The problem of most women is that their neck color is thicker than face. Therefore, it is necessary to facial the face with the face and use sunscreen cream while going out in the sun.

Regularly clean the neck skin from raw milk or clearing cream in the morning and evening.

Apart from this, rubbing pulp or tomato pulp of ripe papaya also results in skin color. If the color of your neck skin is more polished, bleach it once in fifteen days.

Brush with a brush while bathing for regular cleaning, so that dead skin or dirt is removed. Clean the towel with body lotion or moisturizer, so that the skin remains soft.

Apply Neck Pack:

Neck pack is very useful for removing neck wrinkles and bloating. Use it twice a week. Mix 1 tablespoon flour, 1 teaspoon milk powder, 1 teaspoon cucumber juice, 1/2 teaspoon honey, half teaspoon lemon juice, pinch of turmeric together to make the paste and make a paste on the back and back and forth well on the neck Get it Wash on dry and dry and apply moisturizer. In this way the dead skin will become soft and clean.

Make Tips For Beautiful Neck:

Makeup defects can also be hidden from makeup. Place a light shade on the front of the pearl neck and a deep shade foundation on both sides. While using a light shade foundation on the face of a small neck. Likewise, on the long neck, lay foundation of the foundation deep and right. This will make the neck look smaller.

Exercise Is Very Essential:

Exercise is very important for the neck curve. There is no need to take time aside for this. You can do this exercise even in the kitchen, in the morning, evening, and moments of any leisure, even in the afternoon.

Stand upright, hands should be on the waist. Tilt the neck as backward as possible, then tilt forward. Now bend towards right, then move to the left. Do this activity 10-12 times per day. If your neck is small and thick, let it hang on the back on the bed and let the neck hang downwards, then lift the leopard head up, then hang it. Repeating this way you can end this problem. Sit straight on the ground on the floor and turn the neck clockwise and anticlockwise 10-15 times. This will improve the blood circulation of the neck and will bring sublimation.

Also do not put pillow while sleeping. If you want to apply then use thin cushions.

Smart way of hair color

Smart way of hair color

Smart way of hair color

Smart way of hair color: Nowadays, hair coloring has become a fashion but not just a need. Hair color not only looks good but also helps people look beautiful. We need to have good hair to look good. But hair coloring is not an easy task. The hair may also get worse due to its mis-use, so we should come to color the hair. Today I'm going to tell you a few easy ways that you can use at home too. You do not have to spend money for Beauty Parlor for this.

Before using hair color, go to the hair type (Type of hair color):

1. Temporary Hair Color - This color is for a particular time, i.e. if you have to go and you have less time you can use it. This color will end with washing hair twice three times.

2. Semi-Permanent Color - Bean Permanent Colors are those in which molecules are use. Apart from this, if you have been instructed to wash hair in a few minutes after coloring the hair color, then understand that it is semi-permanent hair color. It does not reach deep in the hair, so its effect remains in the hair for six weeks only, then it comes in its natural color.

3. Dummy Permanent Color - I used to keep it hair long I used to keep. If you do not want to color your hair, you can use this color. I got some chemicals in this type of color.

Now we know what we should be doing while coloring the hair.

Keep these things in mind (Please Take Care)

1. Keep the hair clean.

2. Keep shampoos and conditioning.

3. You can also use color booster.

4. Always use good branded hair color.

5. If you want to use a new hair color in your hair and have already used a hair color, do not use other hair color on it.

6. Try to use one or two shades of hair at one go. Do not use more than two shades.

7. Read all the instructions given in the hair color pack, then use it accordingly.

You can choose hair color that has moisturizer and the hair is also safe.

8. Do not use the wrong things on him to remove color from the hair. They come in natural colors over time.

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Care Tips For Oily Skin

Care Tips For Oily Skin (तैलीय त्वचा के लिए आसान टिप्स )

Care Tips For Oily Skin 

Whose face is oily skin, they have to struggle with many problems. Light oil remains on the face of such people and the face looks sticky. Oily skin emerges due to nail-acne, which spoils the beauty of the face. Of course, there are various types of cream present in the market to deal with oily skin, but long term use is not beneficial. Therefore, in this article we are sharing the home remedies of oil with you in this article, which will make your face beautiful, attractive and gentle.

Causes of Oily Skin 

Most women have to struggle with oily skin problem because the make-up on oily skin does not last long. Even sunscreens and foundations are melting as soon as they come in contact with the sun, which makes your oily face worse. Now the question arises that why oily skin happens. Here we are going to tell you about some of the main reasons.

1. More Use of Skincare Products 
Our face's skin is most sensitive. Despite this, we use various skincare products to refresh the face. We definitely scrubbing more faces. As a result, the color of our face starts flying. Skin can also be oily by doing this.

2. Change in the weather
As the weather changes, its effect is visible on the face. Due to the increase of humidity in summer, sweating is more frequent and oil exceeds the oil glands. Due to this, the face is more oily than the face. At the same time, the skin becomes ruddy in winter, in such a way the skin becomes more oily to meet the lack of moisturizer.

3. Intake of more medicines 
Due to the consumption of excessive drugs, the skin may become oily. If you are consuming hormonal contraceptive medicine or hormone replacement medication, be careful. Your skin may also become oily and face nail-acne due to continuous consumption of these medicines.

4. Makeup is also a reason 
One main cause of oily skin is to make more make-up. Makeup pores can be closed by making makeup, which causes skin oily. In addition, excessive use of makeaway brush and cosmetic cream also causes oily skin (3).

5. Incorrect Catering .
Due to the consumption of fried foods such as fried, chilli-spice, lubricated and high fat foods, the skin may also be oily.

So far we have known what is the reason behind the oily skin. Now we will talk about some home remedies, with the help of which this problem can be dealt with.

Home Remedies for Oily Skin.

1. Rose water:

Gulab water has been considered as good for natural and health. It provides moisture by controlling oil in the skin. According to a study, rose water contains abundant antimicrobial, antioxidant, mineral and vitamins. All these properties are sufficient to take care of oily skin.


A little rose water
A cotton ball
How to use

Clean the face by soaking it in rose water in a small piece of cotton ball or cotton wool. Doing this will not only cause the skin of the skin to blossom, but you will feel refreshed yourself and you will get filled with the smell of rose water.

Note: You can take this process twice before daytime and night before sleeping.

2. Multani clay:

Multani soil is not less than boon for oily skin. There are plenty of minerals found in it, which works miraculously on oily skin . Face pack of Multani clay gives skin a natural beauty by absorbing oil from the skin. Apart from this, it eliminates the nail-acne and lightens the scars.

Material  :

Two tablespoons multani clay
One spoon fresh curd
Two-three drop lemon juice


Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and mix until the paste is made.
Now wash the face well with water and clean it with towels.
After this, paste the paste on your whole face.
When face packs dry completely, then wash the face with cold water.
After washing your face, make sure you have any good moisturizer creams.

Note: You can apply this face pack three times a week.

3. Lentil pulses:

It is believed that lentil pulses contain plenty of minerals and vitamins. It is not only beneficial for eating but also for the skin. Its face pack is effective on oily skin.

Material :

Half cup lentil pulse.
One-third cup raw milk.

How to Make Face Pack:

Soak soaked lentils in water overnight and grind it well in the next morning.
Add milk to it and make thick paste.
Put this face pack on your face and let it dry for about 20 minutes.
Wash the face thoroughly with cold water.
Note: You can also make face scrubbing from this face pack.

4. Neem:

Neem is considered to be very important in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicines made from neem leaves and its juice are beneficial for health. Neem is also used to increase the beauty of the body. Due to its quality, its usage has also been described in Greek method. Here we are going to explain how neem prepared face pack can be used for oily skin.

Material :

Neem's 9-10 Leaves
3-4 pinch turmeric powder.

How to make a pack:

Soak the neem leaves in water and grind it well, so that it becomes a paste.
Now add turmeric powder to it.
If the paste has become thick, then you can put some drops of water to dilute it.
Now wash the face with water and apply paste.
About 20 minutes after the paste is dry, wash the face with water.

5 Honey:

Honey is considered beneficial for oily skin. It contains elements such as vitamins, antioxidants, antimicrobials and mineral (8), which makes the oil out of the skin to make it yellow and beautiful.


10 almonds.
One teaspoon honey.

Create such packs:

Soak soaked almonds in water throughout the night and grind them well the next morning.
Now mix one spoon of honey and mix it well.
Leave this pack for about 15 minutes on face and wash after drying.

6. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is the most natural product. The small plant with this medicinal can be used in many ways. On the one hand, it has a lot of use for the stomach, so it is also used for beautiful and fennel skin. It is beneficial for oily, rusty and mixed skin of all types. Here we are told how to make a domestic pack.

Material :

One spoon allovera gel.
One teaspoon honey.

How to make a pack:

Boil the aloe vera leaves in hot water and grind them and make paste.
Mix these two in a bowl and mix it.
Now put this pack on your face with clear hands.
Wash the face after getting fresh after about 15-20 minutes.
Note: This face pack not only cleans the oil from the face, but also works on nail-acne. It can be installed once a week.

7. Turmeric :
There is nothing better than turmeric to get the skin clean and fresher. It is beneficial not only for oily but for all types of skin. It contains antioxidant and anti-neoplastic properties.

Material :

¼ teaspoon turmeric powder.
½ teaspoon lemon juice.
One teaspoon honey.

Prepare such packs:

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl.
Put the mixture on your face with the help of a clean makeup brush.
When this paste is dry, wash the face with lukewarm water.

Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Not just women but every men also love with their hair. Some like to experiment with different types of hair styles, while some have fun with their natural hairstyle. Now a days, With the changing of ages, in the competition of appearing in fashionable fashion, there are new uses every day on the hairstyles. As a result, complaints like hair loss and hair loss have started to become common. Fashion, pollution, unhygienic food and stress have made the Haseen Zulfas a dream to be seen in the day. But this dream can become a reality even if we try some Natural Hair Care Tips.

Coconut oil massage (नारियल तेल की मालिश):

We are forgetting the benefits of coconut oil Coconut oil is beneficial for hair strengthening. If we do 15 minutes to massage the hair with coconut oil, then hair fall will also happen, hair loss will also be stopped.

Honey and egg massages (शहद और अंडे की मालिश):

Honey is the best for hair nutrition. This gives hair roots the nutrition. If the egg yolk is mixed with honey, its effect becomes double. The root of the hair, i.e. Scalp, gives the necessary protein i.e. Keratin.

Bhrigraj oil massage (भृंगराज तेल मालिश):

Bharagraj's medicinal properties gives hair a lot of benefit. Hair is black and dense by roasting hair with roasted oil daily. It stops hair loss. Applying this also reduces the loss of hair in the hair. It also gives coolness to the head.

Almond oil massage (बादाम के तेल की मालिश):

Almond not only keeps the brain fit, but also provides the nourishment to the hair as well. Vitamin E is found in almonds which strengthens the hair. One should massage the hair with almond oil a day in a week. Its use stops hair loss.

Moisturize hair (बालों को मॉइस्चराइज़ करें):

Use five types of oils for moisturizing hair. Mix equal quantity of almonds, castor, olive, coconut and lavender oil and mix it. Massage the hair with this mix oil and then leave it for four hours. Try it two days a week. Shining in the hair will come as well as the hair roots will also be strengthened.

What to do for hair care (बालों की देखभाल के लिए क्या करें)
- Keep hair scalp clean
- Shampoo mild daily
- Massage the hair massage with oil for 20 minutes in a day
- Always use herbal hair products
Use serum in rust and lifeless hair. This will cause shining in the hair
- Keep hair dry
- massage the hair roots

What to Do for Hair Care (बालों की देखभाल के लिए क्या करें)
- Avoid hair color if possible
- Do not use hair gel and hair spray cream.
- Do not bend wet hair, its causes the risk of skin infections.
- Avoid excessive use of hair color, hair dye in the market for beauty of hair.